Am I Lactose Intolerant?

Have you ever experienced the following symptoms 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating or drinking dairy products?treatment-for-lactose-intolerance

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Rumbling Sound in the Tummy

If you suffer from two or more of the above symptoms for more than 72 hours, you are lactose intolerant!

What is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose intolerance refers to the inability of the human body to produce sufficient lactase to break down lactose, a sugar naturally found in dairy products such as milk and cheese.


What is Lactase?

Lactase is an enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose (sugar found in dairy products). This enzyme is found on the wall of the intestines.treatment-for-lactose-intolerance

Who Can Suffer from Lactose Intolerance?

Babies, children ,teens, adults and the old, from all races across the globe are susceptible to lactose intolerance.




3 thoughts on “Am I Lactose Intolerant?

  1. Josh Galvin

    Thanks for the really clear article. My question is, are there different levels of the intolerance? For example I do sometimes suffer stomach rumbling after consuming dairy items so could I have a fairly mild case?


    1. Uwais Post author

      Yes, there is definitely different levels of lactose intolerance. For example, I can consume foods that contain a bit of milk in them but cannot consume milk or ice cream nor chocolate. You will find individuals that will react if there is nanogram of lactose in food. The tolerance differs from person to person.


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