Biomedical Breakthrough to Cure Lactose Intolerance

By | February 21, 2016

Manzo Pharmaceuticals have patented a new product, Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic, that will cure lactose intolerance up to a period of six months.

A biomedical breakthrough from intense research has now allowed lactose intolerant individuals the joys of eating dairy for long periods of time without suffering the symptoms of lactose intolerance.



What is Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic?

Lacto-Freedom™ is a unique patented probiotic that assists in the digestion of dairy or dairy containing products, designed specifically for individuals that are lactose intolerance. This revolutionary probiotic has been designed in such a way that if the product is consumed, within 24 hours the probiotic stays in the intestines for a minimum of 3 months. Furthermore, if the probiotic is consumed for 7 days continuously, the probiotic stayed in the intestines for a period of 6 months. Please note that no side effects were observed during the experimental phase.

The Scientific Study of Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic

The study began with the experimental phase with the use of lactose intolerance rats. Our intestinal lining is made up of bacteria that is good and bad. The purpose of the probiotic is to supplement good bacteria to the intestinal lining. The rats were given Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic  and 24 hours later they intestines produced lactase  for the entire duration of the three month study. The researchers took the study for the next level. This involved the rats consuming the probiotic for 7 days continuously  and the end result was remarkable. The rats produced lactase for a period of fill 6 months. This means they could consume milk, desserts, ice cream, baked goods and other dairy containg foods for 6 months without suffering the symptoms of lactose intolerance.


The graphs below show that the test results were excellent. Additionally, it shows that the probiotic performed better when the test rats were treated with an antibiotic beforehand. The pre-treament step reduced the amount of bacteria existing in the intestines in order  to make way for  Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic to supply the intestines with good bacteria.

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The above graph shows the increase in lactase in the intestines for a full duration of 3 months after  24 hours from the consumption of the probiotic.

Blood glucose levels, cure for lactose intolerance, cure, lactose intolerance, lacto-freedom probiotic

Blood glucose refers to the sugars that is transported through the bloodstream to supply energy to all the cells in our bodies. As we know, lactose is a sugar from dairy products. The above graph shows the breakdown of lactose in the intestines and the sugar being transported to supply energy to the cells. A lactose intolerance individual without consuming this probiotic would produce the untreated ‘red line’ graph.

Now you must be wondering if any experiments were done on humans?

During the second half of 2015,  Manzo Pharmaceuticals did a small human study. In this study the results found were astonishing. All of the participants were able to consume dairy products with no symptoms at all just 14 days after consuming Lacto-Freedom™ for only 7 days. Two-thirds of the participants had no symptoms at all for a period of approximately two months after taking the probiotic, and one-third of the participants had no symptoms for three full months.

One of the participants of the study had commented,  “Before I couldn’t eat ice cream, eat cheese, and I was even careful with butter, but now I can eat all of that in reasonable quantities and I’m fine.  In short, it remains life-changing … It would be really hard to go back to my old life of severe intolerance.”

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Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic is going to completely change the perspective of  the lactose intolerance market. A market where finding alternatives can be limited and expensive, and many times these alternative products do not taste great. Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic will be free many lactose intolerant individuals from worrying about what allows them to eat and will grant them the happiness to eat the dairy products with no limitations.

This product will change the outlook of the lactose intolerance industry – What are thoughts about this product? Feel free to share you comments below.


11 thoughts on “Biomedical Breakthrough to Cure Lactose Intolerance

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  2. Derek Wise

    Great information above.

    I never thought that there could be a product that would stay in your system for an amount of time to help with people who are lactose intolerant.

    One of my sisters in lactose intolerant and since the product is so cheap and easy to use I will be sure to send her the link to check it out.

    Thanks for the great post and great information.

  3. James W D

    This sounds really cool. While I am generally not intolerant to lactose, I go through spells where I am and then eating some of my favorite foods becomes problematic. Glad to see that now if it rears its head again I have a solution that I can get.

  4. Eloah

    WOW! That’s really cool. Being able to eat regular dairy without taking pills every time. And these probiotics remain in your system for months! Sign me up! That’s awesome!

  5. Alexey

    Hey there, it’s Alexey!
    Actually medicine was never my strong side (although my parents are doctors – don’t ask), I found this post really interesting, and I actually understood some things !
    I think that it’s put together very nicely – It will definitely help people who are looking to cure lactose intolerance!
    The video was super relevant and actually added a lot of clarity here.

  6. Marcelo

    That’s a nice one. It will help a lot of people.
    Do you have any information about the FDA approving it?

  7. John

    I had no idea that something like this is out there. I’ll pass it on to those who have this issue. Great information.

  8. Dinh

    Wow that’s fantastic that lactose intolerant individuals can enjoy eating dairy for long periods of time without suffering the symptoms of lactose intolerance through this breakthrough pill Lacto-Freedom.
    So they tested it in rats and a small human sample, is it now available or is it still in the clinical stages?

    1. Uwais Post author

      Hi It is in the manufacturing phase. The clinical stages have been successful. Now they are manufacturing the product which will be available during the year.

  9. Tijmen

    My mum found that she was lactose intolerant last year. She looks for information a lot but it couldn’t answer all her questions. She definitly didn’t know this excists and Ill hit her up with thisbinformation! Thansk a lot


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