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Sign the Petition for Hershey’s Kisses to go Dairy-Free

Animal Activists are calling on North America’s largest chocolate company, Hershey’s, to start producing a dairy free chocolate for their popular ‘Kisses’. >>>CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION<<< “We applaud Hershey’s sustainable cocoa commitment and urge them to spread the love this Valentine’s Day by committing to make a dairy-free Kiss,” said In Defense of… Read More »

Lactose Intolerance and Almond Milk

Why you should be drinking almond milk… Whether you are intolerant to milk, a vegan, allergic to milk or simply dislike the taste of milk, you must be wondering what is a great substitute for cow’s milk. Well, the answer is almond milk! Almond milk is a great alternative and has become more popular than soy… Read More »