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Review: ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes

ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes is the perfect way to maintain a healthy diet or a supplement for an active lifestyle.   What makes ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes Unique? ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes is a high quality, high calorie and protein complete nutrition  supplement. It can be used as a single source of nutrition or as a… Read More »

Review: Vi-Shape® Superfood Shake

ViSalus have launched its first premium superfood product that has superior health benefits. This new meal replacement meal is lactose-free, gluten-free. kosher and suitable for vegans.   CLICK HERE TO BUY Vi-Shape® Superfood Shake What is Vi-Shape® Superfood Shake? Vi-Shape® Superfood Shake is a complete meal replacement packed with 17g of plant-based proteins. It is enhanced with… Read More »

Novak Djokovic, World Number 1 Tennis Player, is Lactose and Gluten Intolerant

Discover how the world’s best tennis player discovered he was lactose and gluten intolerant, and made him transform his lifestyle helping him to become world number one. With the Australian Open to start on the 16 January, defending champion and world number one Novak Djokovic has set his eyes on another Australian Open title. Prior,… Read More »

Two Simple Exercises that Shreds Belly Fat: Kettlebell Swing and Squat Thrust

Recently I wrote an article about how lactose intolerance can cause weight gain. The main reason for why lactose intolerance is a reason for you not losing weight is the consumption of dairy. Many people do not know that their struggle with digesting dairy and experience symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating. These symptoms are… Read More »