Food Guidelines for Lactose Intolerance

By | January 10, 2016

Lactose intolerance individuals always need to be cautious of what they eat, otherwise suffer unwanted consequences. Lactose intolerance is the inability of adults and children to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and  dairy products, causing diarrhea, flatulence, constipation and nausea.

This post will provide guidelines of the different food groups that contain lactose and that are lactose free. This will always help to determine which foods are okay to consume and which ones you should stay away.


Milk and Milk Productsstock-photo-15788563-dairy-products

Milk from cow’s milk is the most obvious to stay away from. But there are other products that also contain milk which you were unaware of. Fortunately, one can now purchase lactose free milk or otherwise make your own lactose free milk (Click here to learn how).

Milk and Milk Products
Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Lactose Free Milk



·         Milk (skim, whole, 1%, 2%)

·         Buttermilk

·         Sweet acidophilus milk

·         Evaporated milk

·         Condense milk

·         Instant Hot Chocolate

·         Buttermilk

·         Cocoa mixes

·         Cheese


Vegetables that are organic or ones that are bought at the grocery friendly are lactose intolerance friendly. However, once they processed with milk or milk products, one needs to be very cautious. Luckily one can still enjoy these milk contained vegies now and again, with the help of lactase pill (Click here to learn about the lactase pill)

Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Fresh vegetables

·         Frozen vegetables

·         Canned vegetables without added       milk or milk products

·         Tomato paste and puree

·         Spaghetti sauces (containing no         cheese)

·         Tomato sauces without cheese


·         Creamed vegetables

·         Packaged dried potato mixes

·         Tomato and spaghetti sauces with      cheese


If you are lactose intolerant, just know fruits are your best friend. You do not have to be very worried about any lactose in fruits unless it a fruit juice containing milk or milk products.

Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Fresh

·         Frozen

·         Canned

·         Dried

·         Fruit juices containing milk or milk    products

Breads and Grainsbread-rice-and-pasta-from-whole-grains-on-white-backdrop

This food group can rather be tricky and should really be cautious, as they sometimes to contain “hidden” lactose.

Here a list of foods to be cautious of when consuming, just read the ingredients of any foods you consume. These contain lactose or dairy protein:

  • Whey
  • Casein
  • Curds
  • Milk by-products
  • Dry milk solids
  • Non-fat dry milk powder
Breads and Grains
Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Water-base breads

·         Rice and popcorn cakes

·         Cereals (without milk solids)

·         Pasta

·         Rice, Oats and Barley

·         Cornmeal

·         Made with milk or milk products:       Bread, rolls, muffins, pancakes,             crackers

·         Cereals containing milk products

·         Macaroni mixes

·         Certain grain mixes


Fats and Oils

Just always read the labels, and watch for hidden lactose sources, as listed above.

Fats and Oils
Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Margarine (without milk derivatives           – beware of Whey)

·         Salad dressings with no milk or           cheese

·         Vegetable oils

·         Non-dairy creamers

·         Certain mayonnaise

·         Gravy made without milk or milk                  products


·         Cream

·         Sour cream

·         Cream cheese

·         Chip dips

·         Certain margarines

·         Salad dressings containing cheese or  milk

·         Whipped toppings


Sweets and Desserts

Sweets and Desserts
Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Gelatine

·         Fruit ice

·         Fruit popsicles

·         Fruit roll ups

·         Hard candy

·         Gums

·         Jelly beans

·         Liquorice

·         Most dark chocolates

·         Sorbet


·         Ice cream (Everyone’s favourite!)

·         Pudding

·         Mousse

·         Soufflé

·         Most Chocolates

·         Custard

·         Dessert Mixes

·         Butterscotch

·         Caramel

·         Toffee




Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Lactose free supplements (eg. Ensure)

·         Vegetable juices

·         Most fruit juices

·         Most coffees

·         Tea

·         Carbonated beverages (Coca  Cola,  Pepsi)

·         Cocoa powder

·         Many beers and wines

·         Distilled spirits (gin, rum)


·         Tea and Coffee with cow’s milk

·         Chocolate drink mixes

·         Milk-based supplements

·         Many cordials

·         Instant coffee

·         Liqueurs


Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Broth

·         Soups with meat

·         Soups made with alternative milk or lactose free milk

·         Vegetable stock

·         Bisques and chowders made with water

·         Bouillon


·         Soup made with cow’s milk

·         Canned and dehydrated soup mixtures that contain milk products

·         Cream soup


These are certain everyday snacks that will guide you as to whether they are safe to eat or not.


Lactose Free Lactose Containing
·         Popcorn

·         Pretzels (plain)

·         Potato chips (plain)

·         Salsa

·         Mustard and Ketchup

·         Sugar

·         Honey

·         Jams

·         Jelly

·         Maple and Corn Syrup

·         Herbs and Spices



·         Cream and cheese sauces

·         Cheese flavoured snacks and chips

·         Medication and Vitamin supplements that contain lactose

·         Cheese curls


In the 21st century, we are fortunate that there are many alternatives for individuals that are lactose intolerant. Unfortunately some of these alternatives can be very pricey and not affordable to many people. So with the existence of lactase pills and lactase drops, being lactose intolerant does not have to be expensive.


Hope this guideline was of great help to you. Did I miss a certain product of type of foods that you expected to be in the above list? Please do let me know in the comment section. I hope to expand this list and assist many who are lactose intolerant.

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    Lots of good information here! I have a grandson that is lactose intolerant and this information will be helpful when he stays with us. We can make sure the kitchen is stocked with foods that are good for him.


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