Novozymes Improves their Lactase for the Production of Lactose Free Dairy Products

By | April 12, 2016

The Danish-based biotech company, Novozymes, has launched a new product called Saphera. Saphera is an improved lactase enzyme that sets a new standard for production and quality for a range of lactose-free products.

Novozymes. Saphera

What makes Saphera different from other lactase enzymes?

Saphera is made from Bifidobacterium bifidum, in contrast  to traditional lactase which is made from yeast. Saphera helps in achieving the desired lactose level accurately, precisely and easily. This is due to fewer oligosaccharides – carbohydrates  are formed during the reaction compared to yeast lactases, particularly when producing 0.01% lactose-free milk. Additionally, Saphera converts lactose into glucose and glucose. This means that the dairy producer can reduce the amount of sugar added and achieve the same sweetness in their products.

“Saphera works at lower pH and higher temperature than other lactases and is therefore not only suitable for the production of lactose-free milk and other products, but also for fermented dairy products. It works extremely well in yogurt production – better than conventional yeast-based lactases. In addition, the lack of invertase and other critical side activities makes Saphera a great solution in sweetened dairy products, maintaining physical and organoleptic properties during shelf life better than any other product on the market”, says Lyndegaard (Director at Novozymes)

There is massive demand  for lactose-free products

Lactose intolerance affects millions of people across the globe. The demand for lactose-free products has risen globally especially in areas with emerging markets. Health conscious consumers have increased significantly over the last decade. This has resulted in moving lactose-free products from the specialty segment to mainstream. The demand for lactose-free products prompted the development of lactose-free products.

“Our goal was to address some of the key issues driving the lactose-free dairy market. The rapidly expanding market for lactose-free dairy products necessitates a trouble-free easy production for the strongly expanding volumes of lactose-free dairy products. Also, the fermented dairy products are increasingly receiving interest as healthy foods from consumers. Better production control and better suitability for fermented dairy products were key areas of focus when developing Saphera”, explains Lyndegaard

Quick Facts about Saphera:

  • Saphera is applicable for a broad range of dairy products including fresh, ESL and UHT milk, milk drinks, cream, ice cream, fermented dairy products and dulce de leche. Saphera is available in a variety of formulations to meet varying processing needs.
  • Saphera is sold as a liquid standard product (Saphera 2600 L) for use in batch process and in in-line dosing systems (i.e. TetraPak Aldose). It is sold as a sterile liquid product (Saphera 900 LS) for use in aseptic in-line dosing systems (i.e. TetraPak FlexDos).

With the development of Saphera we will be expecting a great expansion of lactose-free products on the market. Hopefully with lactose-free products becoming less specialised and more mainstream, the cost of lactose-free decreases.

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6 thoughts on “Novozymes Improves their Lactase for the Production of Lactose Free Dairy Products

  1. Karen

    It sounds like Saphera is a real breakthrough in developing improved lactose-free products. I am not, but both my father and cousin are lactose intollerant and I cook with/for both of them. It would be helpful to know what products are made with Saphera so I could try them out? Also, my cousin is extremely sensitive and doesn’t dare go near anything with cow’s milk. It sounds like this will not be revolutionizing her life at all, but maybe not. Can you speak a bit about who might or might not benefit from this product? Thanks! An interesting article.

    1. Uwais Post author


      Saphera is quite now in the market. It will be interesting to see what products will be using this improved lactase enzyme. At the moment since Saphera was just launched it is is not possible yet to tell what products will be made from it. Lactose intolerance individuals and those sensitive to dairy products will definitely benefit. If you have a dairy allergy, then unfortunately this will not help you.

  2. iirai

    Hi – This sounds very interesting. How long has Saphera been out in the market, and is this safe to consume?

  3. Roger


    Thanks for the good news to the lactose intolerant!

    Your review is both informative and extremely well documented. Plus easy to read and understand, even if I could never pronounce some of the words regarding the elements of the products!

    Sounds like this is a tremendous step forward for everyone suffering from lactose intolerance. So they will be able to enjoy their Cocopops without subsequent suffering!



    1. Uwais Post author


      This is a breakthrough as we see more lactose-free products on the market. Now we can enjoy a good bowl of coco pops just like regular people.


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