Why every HIV patient should drink ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes

Modern technology has allowed millions of people with HIV to live normal lives. With much research and development in this field to improve the quality of lives of many individuals living with HIV, a proven cure for this virus has not yet been developed. Despite the fact that HIV individuals can live a normal life,… Read More »

Biomedical Breakthrough to Cure Lactose Intolerance

Manzo Pharmaceuticals have patented a new product, Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic, that will cure lactose intolerance up to a period of six months. A biomedical breakthrough from intense research has now allowed lactose intolerant individuals the joys of eating dairy for long periods of time without suffering the symptoms of lactose intolerance.   What is Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic? Lacto-Freedom™ is… Read More »

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Mint Brownies Recipe

Friday, 19 February 2016, is Chocolate Mint Day. A day that is celebrated for anything and everything with chocolate mint flavor. Whether it be ice cream, dessert, candy or cakes – there is a million different ways to celebrate this day. Well there are many of you out there are made about chocolate mint, you… Read More »

Review: Lacto-Freedom™ Proboitic – The Most Effective Temporary Cure for Lactose Intolerance

Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic promises it’s lactose intolerance patients up to 3 months of dairy freedom within 24 hours of consumption. Individuals that are lactose intolerant either have two options. The first option is to either stay away from foods containing lactose or take a lactase enzyme prior to a meal that contains lactose. Well, that’s about… Read More »

Celebrities that are Lactose Intolerant

If you felt that you are unlucky because you are lactose intolerant, just remember you are not alone. Lactose intolerance has become one of the most common food intolerance in the world. Symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea and flatulence (to name a few) can disturb your day-to-day activities. There many celebrities that are… Read More »

Sign the Petition for Hershey’s Kisses to go Dairy-Free

Animal Activists are calling on North America’s largest chocolate company, Hershey’s, to start producing a dairy free chocolate for their popular ‘Kisses’. >>>CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION<<< “We applaud Hershey’s sustainable cocoa commitment and urge them to spread the love this Valentine’s Day by committing to make a dairy-free Kiss,” said In Defense of… Read More »

Review: Procharge Liquid Protein Enchancer

ProCharge Liquid Protein Enhancer is a liquid supplement that is lactose free and gluten free. What makes ProCharge Liquid Protein Enhancer Unique? ProCharge Liquid Protein Enhancer is the world’s first protein supplement that can used straight out of a bottle, mixed with any beverage or used in a meal. Most protein supplements contain whey proteins… Read More »

Review: GoodBelly Protein Shakes

GoodBelly has launched a new range of  Probiotic and Protein Shakes that are lactose free and suitable for vegans. GoodBelly has launched a line of delicious probiotic drinks formulated for daily digestive health designed to help power your day. The shake is packed with 15 grams of plant-based protein to nourish the body and 40… Read More »

Review: VitaTrue™ Prenatal Vitamin

VitaTrue™, a product by VitaMedMD launches the First Certified Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free and Sugar Free Prescription Prenatal Multivitamin VitaTrue™ is the new prescription prenatal multivitamin launched by vitaMedMD. This new prescription prenatal multivitamin was added to the company’s successful prenatal line consisting of vitaPearl™, vitaMedMD One Rx, vitaMedMD Plus Rx, and vitaMedMD RediChew™ Rx. Why VitaTrue™?… Read More »