Review: Coconut Cloud (Non-Dairy and Gluten-Free Creamer)

By | May 10, 2016

Tundalaya has launched a dairy-free and gluten-free creamer made from coconut milk

Coconut Cloud Non Dairy

What is Coconut Cloud?

Coconut cloud is a dairy-free and gluten-free plant-based creamer made from natural ingredients that substitute milk or cream when added to tea, coffee or even a latte.

What so great about Coconut Cloud?

Coconut Cloud is a non-dairy creamer made from 85% coconut milk. This non-dairy creamer is suitable for many people because it is 100%:

  • Dairy-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Soy-Free
  • Gluten-Free

Additionally, it has great healthy benefits:

  • High in medium-chain fatty acids (good fats that help prevent infections and block pathogens)
  • Medium-chain fatty acids are also linked to weight control and faster metabolism,
  • Contains no titanium dioxide and no trans fat,
  • Has a low glycemic index (Low GI) ensuring that insulin levels do not skyrocket.

The benefits do not end here, here’s why Coconut Cloud is really good for you:

  • You can take it with you on the go as there is no need for refrigeration,
  • Has a shelf life of maximum 2 years,
  • Can be used as a replacement for coconut in cooking,
  • Easy to carry in your bag for that last minute cup of coffee.


How Does Coconut Cloud Taste?

When Coconut Cloud is added to your coffee, tea or latte it becomes intensely creamy. It does not make your drink any sweet and provides the necessary creaminess required to enjoy your coffee or latte. It tastes better than soy, almond or rice milk being added to your latte or coffee. It simply makes your hot drink taste delicious.

Nutritional Facts:

Coconut Cloud Nutritional Facts

Where Can You Buy Coconut Cloud?

Coconut Cloud can be bought through Amazon.

Cost: $8.99 (23 Servings per Package)



A creamer that is healthy, safe and makes your hot beverages taste amazing is very hard to come across. Additionally it is is to carry and be can be used on the go. This non-dairy creamer has changed my mornings with a kick of plant-based magic to my coffee. Coconut cloud has changed my mornings, it can also change yours.

coconut cloud coffee dairy free creamer


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13 thoughts on “Review: Coconut Cloud (Non-Dairy and Gluten-Free Creamer)

  1. joana

    I love Coconut Milk! And i use it in a lot of dishes i make. Thanks for sharing this review. I will have to try this product, as i love coffee. I will also recommend it to few friends, who are lactose intolerant as well!

  2. Bobbi

    I am a huge advocate of coconut oils! I love my coffee and am definitely going to try this. I had no idea about this creamer! Thanks for sharing!

  3. ToveL

    Hi, and thanks for this informational post. I am using coconut oil and milk in my diet, and I want to try out this product. I also have a website writing about coconut oil and health benefits. Please feel free to check it out.


    1. Uwais Post author


      You will definitely enjoy this product. Something you will not regret.

  4. Tony

    My wife swears by all things coconut. From coconut oil for cooking to coconut creams in the bathroom. However, when it comes to coconut milk, I must admit that I am a bit of a fan as well. I suffer from IBS and find that coconut milk helps alleviate some of the discomfort.

  5. Matt

    Awesome, something that’s cheap AND healthy for you. Very hard to find! So important to start your mornings off right with something healthy and tasty. I’ll be sure to check this out, thanks!

  6. Eric Estrella

    Hi Uwais

    Great review! Very informative, I’am working right now here In Malaysia as bartender. I can see this product (coconut cloud) is very interesting to use in our hot beverages, but I’m a mixologist as well. So, I can invent or make some new cocktails and mocktails for this coconut cloud. I definitely try this product! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Uwais Post author

      Hi, would love to hear about and taste the mocktails made from coconut cloud.


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