Review: Lacto-Freedom™ Proboitic – The Most Effective Temporary Cure for Lactose Intolerance

By | February 16, 2016

Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic promises it’s lactose intolerance patients up to 3 months of dairy freedom within 24 hours of consumption.

Individuals that are lactose intolerant either have two options. The first option is to either stay away from foods containing lactose or take a lactase enzyme prior to a meal that contains lactose. Well, that’s about to change with Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic.


What is Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic?

Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic, a product by Manzo Pharmaceutical, allows it’s patients to enjoy dairy products without experiencing abdominal pain, gas, abdominal bloating, diarrhea, and nausea. Additionally, one does not have to worry about carrying lactase supplements around before consuming a meal containing lactose. This unique patented probiotic allows its patients to consume dairy for three months when consuming the probiotic for a short period of time, 24 hours.

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What makes Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic Unique?

 Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic is the only product on the market that temporary cures lactose intolerance. It is the only product that promises it’s consumers a long term production of lactase of intestines so that even the worst lactose intolerant patient will have the freedom to enjoy dairy again.

The Human Study During Experiment Phase

During the second half of 2015,  Manzo Pharmaceuticals did a small human study. In this study the results found were astonishing. All of the participants were able to consume dairy products with no symptoms at all just 14 days after consuming Lacto-Freedom™ for only 7 days. Two-thirds of the participants had no symptoms at all for a period of approximately two months after taking the probiotic, and one-third of the participants had no symptoms for three full months.

One of the participants of the study had commented,  “Before I couldn’t eat ice cream, eat cheese, and I was even careful with butter, but now I can eat all of that in reasonable quantities and I’m fine.  In short, it remains life-changing … It would be really hard to go back to my old life of severe intolerance.”

Costs and Availability

COST: $24.99 (7 day course – pack of 21)


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Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic is going to completely change the perspective of the lactose intolerance market. A market where finding alternatives can be limited and expensive, and many times these alternative products do not taste great. Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic will be free many lactose intolerant individuals from worrying about what allows them to eat and will grant them the happiness to eat the dairy products with no limitations.

Only once we try this product we will know if this will be a turning point in the way we eat. It’s great to see biochemical research in the cure or the production of lactase in the intestines has increased and many scientists are still finding ways to make our lives more convenient.

Please share your thoughts about the article and what you think about this remarkable product, Lacto-Freedom™ Probiotic.



6 thoughts on “Review: Lacto-Freedom™ Proboitic – The Most Effective Temporary Cure for Lactose Intolerance

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  2. spiros

    This is a great article ! i also read the reviews of the product on amazon and it appears as a real solution for people with lactose intolerance

  3. ray

    Wow! Now I don’t have to eat tablets all the time. Those are big claims. It’s worth a try if there is a chance it will do what it says it will do. Milk, here I come!

  4. The Simple Retiree

    Great review Uwais. I’m sure this product will help a ton of people through your promotion. I take Kefir and a probiotic every morning when I wake up. Thanks for this.

  5. Claudia

    Wow! I’m so glad I came across this post! I did not know about Lacto-Freedom probiotic before. I have people with lactose intolerance in my family and I’m sure they will be thrilled to hear about Lacto-Freedom probiotic. I’m gonna send them this info right away! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Chris

    I have never heard about a multi-purpose supplement that gives but good gut bacteria as well as free your from systems that come with being lactose intolerant! Awesome find my friend. Lacto Freedom seems like a solid product from your review. I take a probiotic from a company called Garden of Life. Great product. I feel like lessening gut inflammation with good probiotics is the key to better all realms of health.



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