Starbucks Japan Introduces Their New Dairy Free Latte and Frappuccinos

By | March 21, 2016

Lactose Intolerance has greatly affected the East Asian country and Starbucks has made a huge difference by introducing two lactose free products this Spring.

Two New Lactose Free Drinks: starbucks japan, dairy free


The two new drinks introduced are Apricot Honey Soy Cream Latte and Apricot Honey Soy Cream Frappuccinos. These two delicious drinks have been specifically designed to cater for the dairy free crowd.

This drinks have been specifically designed by revising their soy milk formula to ensure a more ‘soyful’ and delicious taste to improve your experience.

starbucks Japan1

The Apricot Honey Soy Cream Frappuccino comes with a topping of whipped soy cream (might look like it might contain dairy, but the Japanese are very serious about people’s allergens and intolerance, so there no need to worry about any dairy to be mixed in). The drink includes a generous amount of honey and apricot syrup topped with crispies.

lactose free latte

The latte basically consists of a mix of soy milk and expresso.

Those living or visiting Japan should definitely take advantage of this situation as it is available for a short period of time. These limited edition dairy free drinks will only be available up to 12 April 2016.

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