The Gluten Free Bakery in Abu Dhabi Improves Lives

By | April 14, 2016

The United Arab Emirates has become a common tourist destination for millions across the world. If you were to visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, just know that there is a gluten free bakery in the vicinity. Additionally, the bakery accommodates for individuals that are vegan, lactose intolerant and those allergic to dairy.

Firin Gluten Free Bakery has recently celebrated its first anniversary in the Emirati city.  The bakery has set goals of social responsibility by starting a new chapter in the business by improving the lives of individuals suffering from gluten intolerance.

Owner and Entrepreneur Moza Al Mazrouei says. ” the bakery is not just a business entity, it about giving back to the community.”

UAE,Firin Bakery, gluten free, dairy free

The idea of starting a gluten-free bakery and café was  after Al Mazrouei saw people suffering from allergies and coeliac disease. She says that, as a mother, she has seen the problems that come with these allergies, and knows exactly how they can impact the life of a person.“My daughter was suffering; so I decided to launch this business. It is for my child, for all those who suffer from this problem and for all the mothers who want a safe, gluten-free diet for their children,” says Moza..

Starting a business of this nature has not been easy. Moza has faced great challenges. “There have been so many challenges. It isn’t an easy business, and we hope to make it profitable. We are not breaking even yet,” she says. The entrepreneur now plans to expand her business to the Emirati city of Sharjah.

Each day Moza takes the time to learn about the allergies her customers. She interacts with the customers and advises them about the lifestyle change that is not difficult to implement. “I talk to people who visit us. I once met a mother of a four-year-old who was in tears. I explained to her that this problem is not the end of the world. You have to change your outlook, enjoy your food and life, and design your own food without putting restrictions,” says Moza

UAE,Firin Bakery, gluten free, dairy free

People need to be aware that  gluten is found in many foods and drinks. It is not an easy task as not all products are labelled clearly as to whether they are gluten-free or not. But for her business, Moza goes out of the way to ensure that every ingredient used in her bakery is of the best quality. “We source our raw materials from the US and I personally visit those sourcing companies. We also send our ingredients to the lab for testing,” she says.

The great benefits of the foods at the bakery:

  • Free from preservatives or additives
  • Free from hydrogenated oils and is trans-fat free
  • Available of vegan food
  • Muffins, cakes, pastries, pizza, and quiche are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and sugar-free.

Next time you are on a business trip or on a family vacation in Abu Dhabi, be sure to visit Firin Gluten Free Bakery.

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