Top 5 Dairy-Free Chocolate Easter Eggs and Bunnies

By | March 21, 2016

With Easter just few days away, these are my top 5 Easter Dairy Free Chocolates to enjoy on this festive holiday.

1. Creek House Organic Non Dairy Vegan Chocolate Easter Bunny and Egg Set

Creek House Organic Non Dairy Vegan Chocolate Easter Bunny and Egg set make a festive and delicious handcrafted Easter gift. All organic. One solid dark chocolate bunny nestled in a metal pail, and two half eggs filled with a decadent dark chocolate non dairy cream. 2 – 4 oz Non Dairy Half Easter Eggs nestled together, featuring a beautiful dark chocolate outer shell with a rich and creamy non dairy dark chocolate filling. Snugly packed and decorated in a festive box. Each half egg measures approximately 3 3/4 L x 2 1/2 W x 1 1/2 D. 1 – 4.65 oz Non Dairy Solid Easter Bunny in a Bucket. A solid 66% dark chocolate bunny sitting pretty in a colorful paper tulip cup and white pail, decorated with a lavender ribbon and gift tag. Each bunny weighs app. 4.65 oz, and measures 2 1/2 L (at base) x 4 Tall x 1 5/8 W (at base).

dairy free, chocolate, Easter

$26.99,, BUY IT NOW

2. Moo Free Cheeky Orange Easter Egg – Vegan 100g

These delicious Easter eggs  have been made with dairy free chocolate and infused  with crunchy pieces of vegan friendly and gluten free honeycomb toffee. Each of these dairy free chocolate honeycomb egg is packed into a bright, fun boxes featuring Rosie Rabbit. These Easter Eggs are also gluten free, lactose free, casein free and vegan.

moo Easter egg, dairy free

$10.99,, BUY IT NOW

3. Chocolate Decadence Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny With Basket

These delicious dark chocolate are creamy and made from natural ingredients, They are dairy-free, gluten free and suitable for vegans.

dairy free easter

$11.95,, BUY IT NOW

4. Chocolatey Hollow Easter Eggs

These 12 Dozen Naturally Colored Chocolatey Hollow Mini Eggs are milk free, nut free, gluten free, egg free and suitable for vegan

chocolate, easter



$17.95,, BUY IT NOW

5. Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate Eggs in a Gift Boxes

These delicious Easter Eggs dairy free, soy free, gluten free and suitable for Vegans

dairy free, easter, chocolate

$6.99, EqualExchange, BUY IT NOW

With Easter few days away, hurry to buy your favorite dairy free Easter Bunny and Eggs. Hope you have an amazing Easter Weekend.


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Dairy-Free Chocolate Easter Eggs and Bunnies

  1. Suzanne

    Hi ans thank you for your article, it’s made me wish it were Easter Sunday already! I bought some of the Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate Eggs in a Gift Boxes, sadly from somewhere else, if only I had seen your post first – sorry.

    Have a great Easter Weekend

    1. Uwais Post author


      Hope you enjoy them and have an awesome Sunday. You know where to come if you need more

  2. Rita

    I am lactose intolerant and was very happy to read your post! It is nice to know there are quite a few selections of yummy goodies available! Have you tried any to make a recommendation on taste? I would like to try some! Thanks for good info!

    Hoppy Easter!

  3. Maggie

    This is a great list for all of us who struggle with lactose issues. Easter is one of those holidays where it is easy to feel left out when you can’t eat what everyone else is having . I have tried the Moo Free Cheeky Orange Easter Egg before and it was amazingly delicious, and you would never know its not your regular run of the mill chocolate egg.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Uwais Post author

      It’s awesome that everyone can enjoy all the goodies and chocolates with these alternatives. Thank you for the input.

  4. Matt's Mom

    Oh, all of these treats look so yummy and healthy! I might just have to come back and order some for my son for his Easter Basket. My son is lactose intolerant so wow, nice to find something for him. Thanks for sharing!


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