What is the Treatment of Lactose Intolerance and it’s Symptoms?

By | December 5, 2015

Millions around the world enjoy the idea of ordering a cheesy scrumptious pizza on a Friday night, end off  the Sunday afternoon drive with a cone of ice cream or enjoy a late night cup of milk coffee after those Monday Blues. For millions across the globe, indulging in these dairy delights causes diarrhea, nausea, bloating, flatulence and constipation. This medical condition is called lactose intolerance. Find out how one can find treatment…Treatment-for-lactose-intolerance

Lactose Intolerance refers to the inability to digest lactose ( a sugar found in dairy products such as milk, ice-cream and cheese) due to the lack of lactase. Lactase is an enzyme in the digestive system responsible for breaking down lactose. This medical condition can affect any individual irrespective of their gender, age and background. There is a solution that can assist with the treatment and symptoms of lactose intolerance.

THE REMEDY: lactaid2

If you are one of those people who just love dairy but the pain and consequences of having dairy putting you off. I HAVE THE SOLUTION: LACTAID. Lactaid is a pill that one can take in order to eat any dairy he/she wishes to indulge in. Lactaid is the lactose enzyme which is responsible for breaking down lactose in the tummy and preventing the consequences of lactose intolerance. Read the review of lactaid here

What to do if you are suffering from following the symptoms of lactose intolerance: 

How have you treated lactose intolerance and it’s symptoms? I would like to hear about your experiences. Feel free to comment below.

7 thoughts on “What is the Treatment of Lactose Intolerance and it’s Symptoms?

  1. Debra

    As a relatively new sufferer of being lactose intolerant, I found your post really helpful. I didn’t realise there were over the counter products out there to help with the symptoms, before let alone after. I’m trying desperately to change my diet but find that I sometimes still crave real ice cream. Now I know I can maybe tolerate it a bit more with this help you’ve offered here.

    Many thanks

    1. Uwais Post author

      Hi Debra,

      Finally you can enjoy that ice cream whenever you feel like. Hope this will assist and be a means of soothing those unwanted symptoms. Keep visiting my site to discover how you can enjoy the finer things with no worries.


  2. simon

    Thanks for the article,some handy tips,i have had experience with lactose intolerence with my children but they love cheese and most dairy products as most of us typically do in life,i may try some of your ideas to get around it,thanks again for the review,very helpfull to know.

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