Why every HIV patient should drink ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes

By | March 7, 2016

Modern technology has allowed millions of people with HIV to live normal lives. With much research and development in this field to improve the quality of lives of many individuals living with HIV, a proven cure for this virus has not yet been developed. Despite the fact that HIV individuals can live a normal life, HIV individuals are still dealing with problems with weight loss, protein deficiency and micro-nutrient deficiency. This is where  ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes comes in. ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes is an alternative nutrition support to help HIV individuals maintain weight and provide the required protein and micro-nutrients an individual requires.

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What is HIV?

HIV is a virus that gradually attacks the immune system. If our immune systems are attacked then our bodies find it difficult to fight of infections and diseases.

Consequences of HIV

The are several consequence of HIV, in this post only a few will be addressed:

  • Weight Loss

HIV patients are susceptible to weight loss. Weight loss takes place is when the body is using more nutrients that it is absorbing food. Weight loss with HIV individuals occurs for various reasons. HIV increases the rate in which the body takes in the nutrients (increase in metabolism). HIV can result in the alteration of the lining gut, thus causing malabsorption (the gut finds it difficult to absorb nutrients). HIV patients are susceptible to other infections such as gut infections that leads to diarrhea, mouth and throat infections make it difficult to eat. HIV patients take medication that have side effects such as suppression of appetite, nausea, vomiting, indigestion or altered taste.

  • Protein and Micro-nutrient Deficiency

Many HIV patients suffer from malabsorption and restricts the absorption of essential nutrients and minerals to be absorbed by the body.

How will ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes Help HIV Individuals?

ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes is a high quality, high calorie and protein complete nutrition supplement. It can be used as a single source of nutrition or as a meal replacement o reach recommended daily nutrition intake.

Additionally ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes is:

  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains 24 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Contains MCT (meduim chain triglycerides) from coconut oil to improve absorption of critical micronutrients.

Many studies show that HIV patients have a high risk of increasing the rate diabetes due to the high intake of sugar to sustain their energy levels. ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes is there to solve this problem. It is a superior formula with a high protein concentration, high caloric content without the use of sucrose or corn syrup, deceased sodium level while delivering high levels of electrolytes and contains less food additives and artificial ingredients.

In comparison to ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes competitor’s, Ensure and Boost, contain more than 100% of the FDA recommended daily sugar intake. Also ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes provides more protein, calories and half the sugar content than two servings of the aforementioned leading shakes.

Dr. Roscoe Moore, former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General and Senior Scientific Advisor to Trovita Health Science, stated, “It is imperative that both public and private procurement and insurance programs re-evaluate nutrition programs in light of the new FDA recommendations on daily sugar consumption and realize that substantial taxpayer money is being spent on clinically utilized nutrition products with excessively high sugar content. Typical nutrition formulas, due to the inclusion of corn syrup and sucrose, are contributing to metabolic comorbidities such as HIV-associated insulin intolerance. It is important that nutrition be carefully considered when evaluating the total costs of healthcare in chronically ill patient populations dependent on enteral formulas and ready to use therapeutic foods.”

ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes will definitely help many individuals with weight loss and nutrition deficiencies. An abstract has been submitted to the 21st International AIDS Conference, taking place in South Africa in July 2016, addressing clinical studies necessary for an evidence-based approach and characterizing ENU as an optimal ready-to-use therapeutic food in HIV patent populations to address micronutrient and protein deficiencies.

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18 thoughts on “Why every HIV patient should drink ENU® Complete Nutrition Shakes

  1. Rob

    Great information here! I didn’t know that people infected with HIV have a higher risk of taking on diabetes either. It’s an interesting correlation between the two. HIV alters your gut and then high sugar intake has a possibility of creating diabetes. That’s like life slapping you in the face twice.
    Good recommendation here with the shake. I know a ton of shakes that have way too much sugar and this one seems like it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum, which is a good thing. Thanks for the info!

  2. Fred

    Wow. Probably one of the more fascinating articles I’ve read this year. Thank you.

    While I don’t have, or know of, anyone who has this illness, your article hits some very fundamental points that I haven’t considered until now. I do a lot of working out, so I’m curious as to how I can benefit.

    Excellent article!


  3. Stephanie

    This is a very interesting article. I’ve never heard of ENU shakes before , but had heard of Ensure, and was actually wondering how they differ..but your article has managed to explain it very well. It’s good to know that there is a nutritional drink out there that doesn’t have high levels of sugar, like some others out there. From reading this, it seems that ENU shakes are a top contender for HIV patients, and/or anyone in need of nutritional shakes. Thanks for writing this informative article.

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  5. Udoh


    Thank you for sharing this info. I have not heard of ENU and I am glad there is a hope for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. I have considered giving up dairy in the past but was always worried about the high sugar and corn syrup not to mention some of them do not taste good at all.

    What do you think of soy milk? There seems to be a lot of controversial about it?

  6. Adam

    I knew of Ensure but had no idea of ENU. It sounds 100x better! Also that it’s lactose and gluten free are huge benefits that will appeal to a lot of people.

    I didn’t know that people with HIV were also prone to getting diabetes. So this is a really good product. Thank you for the information.

  7. Jason

    I have been drinking Ensure for a long time because of its high energy content. Furthermore, I love the creamy and delicious taste that it has.

    The ENU shakes sound like something that I am going to give a try for sure. I have never seen or heard about it until I read your article – this is so enlightening!

    Would you still recommend it even though I am not an HIV patient? Is it suitable for someone like me who just wants to have a high energy level shake to keep fit?

    Thanks for your article – I really learned a lot.

  8. ToveL

    I checked the ENU Nutritional Shake on Amazon. Some customers tell me that they have changed the ingredients in the shake, and the consistency is now thicker They have added milk in the shake. Is that true?
    Many of us don’t digest milk products so easily so adding milk to a product that is supposed to improve your digestion may not be so wise. That’s my opinion.
    What do you think?
    Otherwise, I like that they have coconut oil in the formula. I have a website promoting coconuts and are a huge coconut fan.


  9. Danny

    I have to say with the amount of press HIV gets I know very little about how the virus effects it’s sufferers.

    I’m sure this product really helps to subside some of the side effects.

  10. Summerly

    I didn’t know that people with HIV could get diabetes. That is interesting but I can see how it could happen. I have only heard of Ensure before, but didn’t realize there was so much sugar. ENU seems like a better option and would be easy enough to take to keep your nutritional needs met.

  11. Dirk Mc Kenzie

    Very informative post. I know this well coming from South Africa where this is a big deal and seeing someone is helping in this arena is warming the heart. My mother was a social worker at a hospital and worked with them daily. This is good to know that certain products are helping in their struggle.

    Thank you for helping!

    1. Uwais Post author

      Hi, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa are the worst-off countries affected by AIDS. Hopefully, governments can subsidize this nutrition shake to help millions in the continent that are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

  12. Adrian Prince

    I wasn’t aware that people with HIV also suffered from a host of other conditions or were susceptible to other diseases, this is an eye opener. You have done a very detailed and comprehensive review of ENU shakes and the good part about it is it has less than half the sugar content of similar shakes.

    It looks like ENU shakes will actually help people with HIV, which I’m sure they will be very thankful, well done.

  13. Zailinah


    This is very informative. I appreciate that a lot of research has gone into this article.

    Honestly, I’m unaware of many of the issues you brought up here. The availability of ENU shakes is one. And I’m unaware that HIV patients are also prone to getting diabetes.

    I know about Ensure because it’s easily available here in Singapore. But I didn’t know that it has a relatively high sugar content. I wonder if ENU is a better option for diabetes patients as it is for HIV sufferers. If it is, then I would recommend it to some of my relatives who have diabetes.

    Thanks Uwais!

  14. Arief

    Hi Uwais,

    Is this product solely for HIV patients? Or a healthy guy can benefit this product?
    What make this ENU different with other nutrition shakes out there?

    1. Uwais Post author

      Hi no any individual that wants to live a healthy lifestyle can take this product. As stated, its sugar content is lower and has more protein than Ensure.


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